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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings

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 The Rules Of The Realm (Zones and Movement in Combat)

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PostSubject: The Rules Of The Realm (Zones and Movement in Combat)   05.07.12 22:22

Zones will be our method of abstraction for combat. The battlefield will be delineated into separate zones (approximating roughly 40 square feet worth of space, though sometimes more and sometimes less).

Thus, when I have described a battleground I will break it down into zones.

Z1: The broken down bridge the party is crossing
Z2: The small clearing at the base of a Hillside
Z3: The Hillside, with rocky crags and brambles
Z4: The Hilltop

As you can see, this describes approximately ~120 feet worth of battleground. There will be a sidebar visible from every page of this site that will constantly keep track of where everybody is in the battlefield. Thus, a sample snapshot of the sidebar might be:

Z1: Wulfric, Midnorton
Z2: Garvan, Artimus
Z3: Orc Axegrunt1, Orc Axegrunt 2
Z4: Orc Archer1, Orc Archer 2

The first step in any combat post is to state which zone you are going to be moving to.

Here are movement rules:

*You may only move to a zone that is +1/-1 numerically (thus, from zone 1 to 2, or 4 to 3, but not 2 to 4)
*You may move ONE zone per turn, and still attack (melee or ranged)
*You may move TWO zones per turn, and not attack

*Ranged attacks may shoot with a to-hit penalty of:

- 5: 3 zones away
- 10: 4 zones away
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The Rules Of The Realm (Zones and Movement in Combat)
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