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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings

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 Amyrilla's Locket

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PostSubject: Amyrilla's Locket   30.08.12 1:13

The room was dark, with just one candle that lit the room. He knew Lurlyr Manakor wanted him to stay and become one of his generals, but he could not stay here. It was time for him to leave and without any long farewells.

Midnorton packed his few belongings into his pack and prepared to leave. He blew the candle out and stepped out of his room and walked down the hall quietly as he made sure to avoid the sentries where he could. He would not say his farewells to those friends he had made here with little regret on his mind.

The exit to the castle appeared and he strode with confidence toward them when a shadow stepped out from one of the hallway’s corners. Midnorton stopped and placed his hand on the hilt of his knife when a stray of light revealed the golden hair of Amyrilla.

She smiled at Midnorton, “I knew you would leave without saying goodbye.”

Midnorton sighed, “You should not be hear. You are just newly made Queen and it would not look good for you to be seen with a nightly rendezvous. Go back to your chambers.”

Amyrilla approached Midnorton and extended her arms over his head as she placed a locket around his neck. “Go with peace my knight and know you will be missed.”

With that done, Amyrilla walked passed him and disappeared into the dark hallway. Midnorton smiled to himself and walked out of the castle, never looking back, as he moved toward his future.
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Amyrilla's Locket
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