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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings

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 Contest 1# Nights of Summer

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PostSubject: Contest 1# Nights of Summer   23.08.12 8:11

A Poem, Penned By Artimus De Londe after the death of his mother.
Nights of Summer

Lunar rays graze my cheek with their bluish swirl,
disrobing the dark in my eyes with a glimmered heat
that attracts to me rakish moths and ashen
butterflies, from my balcony I watch tawny and
inidgo lend their accent to the Sky, leading
astray mysteries that Time had forgotten the names
of their hues, I watch dreams flow from chimneys,
studding Summer with their star anise shimmerings
as they question why I make the Day my slumber bed,
instead I harvest the Night for buds of inspiration
that won't melt away-like iced cream sugaring the
lush emberous grass, the air is laced with night dew
as Dusk fans through my rapier lashes her stillborn
shadows, I can feel them breathe to life around me,
warm like the orange and coco melting under
my Iris until they ghost my sweet sensibilities,
I listen to the silken chorus of rain falling
over me a revelry of what it would be like to be
a falcon full of guiding grace and fragile innocence-
I sip cold brews and listen to Summer yearning
to be loved again, now she is just married to my
memory...but I still remember her sunset tides
that ripened me-like an orchid seeking to turn
my red petals to those of blue flame, I remember
the elder tree that witnessed my solstice deformation
as I try not to forget...Summer's distressing magic...
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Contest 1# Nights of Summer
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