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Zone Chart
Zone1 (East end, hallway outside the chamber): Double doors leading in to the hallway can be shut and bolted from the inside of the chamber.:
OCCUPY: Midnorton

Zone2 (Eastern half of the audience chamber): This is the main floor of the chamber, where all of the cultists have convened. It is literally a throng of men, and so moving into Zone3 would require an AGI check of 25 or more to avoid being pulled down and trampled by the crowd:
OCCUPY: Valaren, Skyler

Zone3 (Western half of the audience chamber): Here there is a raised platform, where there is an altar beneath a giant golden statue that is suspended in mid-air.:
OCCUPY: Masked CULT LEADER, Pregnant woman, Artimus, Garvan

Difficulty Ratings

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 The Golden Daemons

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PostSubject: The Golden Daemons   19.10.12 17:31

Golden Daemons are rare in the Old World. Elusive idols, prisons to chaos gods abandoned by their followers or defeated by their adversaries. Their origins are nebulous; some are said to have been crafted by great wyzards, or Gods of the light from ages past. Only one thing is for sure - the dark hearts contained within them are best left untouched

Golden Daemon Points (GDP) are awarded to players based on roleplaying and ingenuity throughout the game. You can receive them for daily posts, fluff stories, and for interesting ideas regarding the direction of the game (suggestions, etc.)

GDP are meant to align you with a symbol of power. There are six, listed below.

To attune yourself to a specific sign, you must first expend 500 GDP, at which point you will receive the benefit associated with the symbol of power and a "tree" will open up, with additional perks, powerful abilities, and exciting events that can be activated with further GDP expenditure.

Symbols of Power

The Claw of Beast
500 GDP to activate
Grants +1D to rolls involving interaction with animals

The Sigil of Shadow
500 GDP to activate
Grants full movement speed even when sneaking

The Ornament of Greed
500 GDP to activate
May take 50 gold pieces instead of 50 experience points for a post

The Seal of Disease
500 GDP to activate
Grants immunity to disease and poison

The Hand of The Grave
500 GDP to activate
Grants the ability to speak with a recently deceased body, should it choose to respond

The Mark of The Hellion
500 GDP to activate
Grants the ability to sense the presence of demons within 1/2 a mile
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The Golden Daemons
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